My little Bio

There is so much I love in life and I am always sharing it with my friends, strangers I meet on the road and truth of the matter is I just want to share it with the world.

Back in 2012 I created Kokorosworld. Unfortunately something went totally wrong on the big bold web and I had to start all over again which is giving me a chance to fully go big or go home.

I have lived in Amsterdam now 17 years and grew up in beautiful magical Costa Rica. As a kid my parents made me travel the world and its innate in my blood. I have a hopeless case of wanderlust.

You might be asking what is Kokorosworld? One of my main loves is Japan and this is my favorite word. Kokoro in essence is your heart not the anatomical one. However its more than that. Kokoro is mind, emotions, feelings, spirit and soul.

It is the compass on how I decide my life. I love arts, good food, travel, shopping and mostly finding new things on all these different topics and I just wanted to share that joy and help others find little things that give them that same rush.