Rainbow is my favorite color

I am a tropics baby. Every time I leave on holiday and I come back the thing I miss the most are all these vibrant colors. I like wearing color in winter however there are so little options.

Right now I’m having a love relationship with earrings again. If you’re anything like me and you are looking for beautiful colorful vibrant earrings; that bring you back to life. Then I just got the secret for you: Paulie Pocket. The masterminds behind this young powerful brand also have their favorites.

On a trip to Mallorca their favorite summer destination these two ladies remembered what the good things are in life: good vibes, beach & cocktails and the sun. One thing that stayed with them where the colorful sights and thats where the inspiration for their brand came to fruit.

All they knew was that their earrings needed to hold on to that feeling…

And what better way is there than to do that with color. Not only have they managed to do just that but they also made sure that whether you are dressing up,have a business meeting, want to be chique or fashionable. You can do so. Each of their pieces & accessories give you the chance to do just that and make statement to the world.

Their motto is: that there is a piece for every side of the woman in you!

Prices: there is a budget for everyone! With €10 you already have something gorgeous. Plus they also have some other cool stuff like bracelets, bags and more.

Get your statement piece here!

Tip: you can also get a one of a kind here.


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