Walk your own path

I have been on a bit of a journey looking for guides along the way.

That’s how I stumbled onto these beauties. Yes, it is a deck of cards and you might be thinking how on earth am I supposed to be using a deck of cards to guide my life.

They aren’t the answer to life but they are a beautiful way of helping you find your inner guidance. A tiny map to self-reflection and personal growth. For truth of the matter is we have already the answer within sometimes we just are not hearing it.

The force behind the deck

This beautiful deck comes from the mind of Neel who had a dream and just decided to follow it. Because truth of the matter is if you take a risk and do what you love nothing can stop you.

Along this journey of life she picked up a few wise lessons. This lesson is the one I believe should be shared. As just like her I wish someone would have told me this earlier in life.

Make decisions following your intuition. Your gut! Not with your mind.

You might be wondering how she fell into this spiritual life as many of us this century are not practicing anything these days. This is how she started finding her way.

I think every soul is a spiritual being. Here on Earth to evolve.

I came back to that spirit for the first time consciously 12 years ago. Since then I practiced a lot. Many different approaches. I was very eager. My mind wanted to understand it all.

Now I know why. Because my calling was waiting for me: developing a tool to drop from the mind into the heart.

The Deck

This tool is her gorgeous 49 deck: Inner Compass. 49 life themes with an exquisite clear design to remind you of your day.

There is not one way to use it. What it does is; It unfolds info from your subconscious in the most easy and playful way. It’s up to you how you work with them.

As long as you pick the cards blindly, it’s your intuition that brings you towards messages that your subconsciousness wants to share with you.

If you have no idea how to start or what question to ask. This is the perfect one:

What do I need right now to feel good?

Got you wondering?

Give yourself some love and pick up your deck in English or Dutch.

We love to hear what you think!


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