Spaghetti Vongole

I am not allowed lots of gluten however once or twice a month I treat myself. For I love pasta too much to cut it out of my life in full.

This is by far one of my favorite pasta recipes: pasta vongole. Note I do not even eat seafood but nothing can beat this meal!

The trick to the perfect pasta vongole is to make sure all your ingredients are available and set up. Because once you start; it will be done in no time.

The key for your perfect vongole is: too put them in water 3-4 hours before you start your dish with a pinch of salt. Any open or crushed ones go into the bin. Make sure once ready rinse them well (no crunchy sand when eating).

Ingredients (for 2)
4 roma tomatoes (optional)
20 grams of parsley or basel
Olive oil for cooking
Extra virgin olive oil to season the pasta
450g of vongole (clams)
A glass of white wine. Pinot grigio is a great option.
2 pieces of garlic
160 g of spaghetti or linguini
Chili flakes at your own taste (optional)
Salt & black pepper at your own taste


Chop all the tomatoes in 6 pieces or more.
Slice the garlic in half and into thin slices.
Chop your parsley or basil into a size you like. Just make sure its not to coarse.

Now boil your pasta with a little salt and around 7 min before it is done, set up a big frying pan on a high fire. Add a dash of olive oil and start frying the garlic and add your vongole. Once you have turned them around a few times add the tomato and the parsley or basil (keep a dash separate for decoration). Mix it all well and add the wine.

Put on the lid for a minute or so. And then take it off. Keep your eye out on all of the shells opening and otherwise stir a little.

In the meantime drain your pasta and put it in a large bowl. Check your vongole and any that remain closed toss them out.

Mix the vongole with the pasta. Serve them in a nice deep dish and make sure you add a bit of the juice.

Garnish with a dash of parsley or basil and pour some extra virgin olive oil on top.



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