Bags Bags Bags

I met this young designer back in 2013 and since then my love has only grown for: O.My.bag!!!

Paulien,is the creative brain & founder of this gorgeous brand of bags & brings a passion with her thats contagious.

Some cool facts about her beautiful brand:

a. Who doesn’t love an Eco-friendly bag!! Guilt free leather you can wear with pride.

b. All shapes and sizes for boys & girls !!!!!!

c. Colors and texture have joined the ranks.

One of the things I love best is how the warm,cheeky,fun personality of Paulien really reflects itself into the bags from the early stages of design into the final product.

Some history

The year is 2011 Paulien was looking for a nice leather vintage bag and ended up designing her own. Hey !! If you can’t find what you looking for; why not make it?!

A friend helped her out with a little spot in her atelier and less than two years later she was shipping her products worldwide, you see the pins flying by on Pinterest & she just launched her newest collection, from her headquarters here in Amsterdam.

So what’s this guilt free leather?

Did you know that India is the worlds third largest leather producer in the world. The bags are made in India using local cows for the leather,no use of harmful chemicals, energy management, water control and safety conditions all taken in to account. Made in the Sheong Shi Tannery in Kolkata it also gives the locals a better opportunity of life and with each bag you can really feel its made with love for you.

Things to love

• Leather feels great to the touch and has a beautiful ageing process.

• Survives the test of weather conditions: survived a tropical rain storm!! (use a good leather spray).

• The best thing is the easy to use design. One of my bags has a zipper in the back so I can easily reach for my stuff whilst running around.

Also the names just cheer you up. My first was a “little frankie” and he travels with me around the world. He is a great conversation starter & perfect size to pack my basic travel gear for the day.

Im sure you would love to have a closer look or just buy one already:

Bags,ipad sleeves,wallets,tote bags you name it they have it.

Get yours here. Shipping worldwide.

If your in the Netherlands pop by their flagstore in the Hague or at their new flagstore & headquarters in Amsterdam.

Ceintuurbaan 117 in Amsterdam

Denneweg 65 Den Haag


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