Dublin my darling

A year ago I lost my whole website. Having to start from scratch made me feel overwhelmed. However you have to start somewhere.

So why not start with the one place I love most in the world Ireland. There is so much to pick so I think I will just pick what to do when you are a day in Dublin.

Oyster Heaven

Located near the ocean oysters have always been on the Irish menu. Lunch or dinner this little cozy restaurant is my favorite spot to be. Screw big posh places: Dublin Klaw gives you quality, love and the best seafood Ireland has to offer.

A bit of history & art

Hidden on your way past Trinity College you will find the National Museum of Ireland. Split in four this one is the Archeology museum. Which houses a gorgeous collection and teaches you the story of this gorgeous green island. All of them are worth a visit. The best part: free admission.

Get your craic on

Meet the locals

The sun does come out! So get yourself a 6 pack of cider or beer. Walk up to the gorgeous park of St Stephens Green and just sit down and get a chat going with anyone. The Irish are always in for a laugh, a drink and a smile. It’s a great experience all on it’s own.

Stags Head

Have a pint at the Stags Head instead of all the pubs in Temple Bar. Dating back to the 1700 there has been a pub here. It’s victorian interior is a must to see. It still has the old fashioned division for men and women to be drinking. If you enter walk straight in open the door and you will find yourself in the old woman section with some comfy couches and tables. Plus they have officially been named the best Pub in Ireland.

Beach life

Take a quick trip down to North Bull Island.
North Bull Island arcs north and east from the mouth of the River Liffey. This sandy island has formed only in the course of the last 200 years. Today it is a Unesco Biosphere reserve and a birdlife centre, especially so in winter, when the island teams with migratory species. Just take the local bus to Clontarf or Bull Island (130). It’s a quick ride as its just 5 km out from Dublin.


All right I know; you’re in Ireland but let’s talk about Mexican food. The Irish love Mexican food and “el grito Mexicano” is as close as you can get to the real deal. For €10 you already have five tacos filled with delicious flavors, a side of refried beans, great sauces: salsa verde anyone? Tiny cosy and yummy the perfect way to start a great night of partying in temple bar!

How to get there?
Just cross Ha’penny bridge and into the merchant’s arch and it will be the first restaurant on your right.


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